Friday, April 22, 2005

After Dark, My Sweet definitely felt like a film noir. Roger called film noir his favorite genre. However, we must point out that a lot of critics and experts argue that film noir is not a genre. It was a movement that had a very specific time period and could not have existed without the specifics of that time period and can only exist within that time period. For them, to call film noir a genre would be the same as calling the French New Wave a genre. I tend to agree in many respects. Nonetheless, there’s no better way to classify movies like After Dark, My Sweet. It just acts and feels like modern noir. It may be homage or even imitation, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be good. Jason Patric even reminded me of Tom Neal in Edgar Ulmer’s seminal Detour (1945). I can’t believe Patric was only 23 when he made this movie. A testament to his acting abilities perhaps, the character felt as if he was at least 30. It’s very emasculating to see on screen this ruggedly handsome man who makes you feel like a little kid and then find out you’re older than him.

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